Sarum Hydraulics are the experts on Pressure test and hydrotest pumps.

Our pumps offer true multi-fluid application, using poppet and soft seat valves for a long service life and very low leakage. For many applications, water is the preferred medium but mineral oil is still widely used. We have useful source material for everyday pressure testing in our Sarum Hydraulics White Papers section on hydrostatic pressure testing

Micropac pumps mounted on our various portable hydraulic reservoirs form lightweight portable pressure testing or hydrotest pump units. These can be carried to the job and stored easily. The reservoirs are available in anodised alloy or 316 stainless steel. Options including calibrated pressure gauges, hoses and fittings are easily added to meet your exact requirement.

Look at our Micropac MP Pressure Test Pumps for a single speed solution that works out of the box. This is complete with reservoir. Add a hose, fill the reservoir and you are ready to test. There are five models at 100cc/50 bar, 50cc/102 bar, 25cc/207 bar, 12cc/407 bar or 7cc/700 bar. All will operate down to very low pressures of 1 bar or under. The size of your system, the pressure you require, the maximum pressure and the sensitivity will decide which pump is right for you. Portable reservoirs are offered in anodised alloy or 316 stainless, including our two wheel trolley units for safe and secure transit for 20 litre and larger volumes of test fluid. Contact us to discuss your hydrotest application.

Our MP  MIST is a special version of the MP unit for the Fire Industry. Pressure testing of commercial and domestic fire mist systems needs a lightweight and rugged hydrostatic test pump and over some years, our MP MIST pump has become the unit of choice for fire professionals.

Contact us to discuss our pressure testing solutions. Or read tips, procedures, how to risk assess and see a sample pressure test certificate in our Pressure and Hydrostatic Testing White Papers.

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