Transforming life for millions – is seawater desalination and water treatment using renewable energy sources the next Holy Grail?

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  How adding smart hydraulic design to seawater desalination and water treatment plant could just carry through a renewables revolution for fresh water from the sea. The United Nations (UN) is very worried about fresh [...]

Underground farming: a revolution in food production or a hole in the ground?

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How innovative hydraulics, advanced optoelectronics and clever control could just be the dream ticket for a hydroponic future. Farming underground, in your attic and in a factory unit using high tech lighting and [...]

What can hydraulic designers learn from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter?

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Where a neat aerospace electro-hydraulic actuator might point the way on future mobile hydraulics. Sarum Hydraulics loves innovative hydraulic design. There is always something interesting that a clever hydraulic designer comes up with [...]

Sarum Hydraulics enters the robot age: to be or not to be – it’s a question of automation.

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The payback game: so just which hydraulic manufacturers will profit from the robot challenge? The FT recently reported that China bought 66,000 out of 240,000 robot units sold globally last year. The UK [...]

The rise of the Japanese Jutaku houses: how micro housing is redefining living small in the 21st century

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The craze for kyosho jutaku, that distinctly Japanese variant of the micro home, may have started in the thirteenth century, but there’s good reason why jutaku has more recently exploded in popularity outside Japan. These [...]

Could driverless cars make the entrenched auto industry run out of gas?

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How the driverless cars hype is quickly going to become a reality. Hollywood loves driverless cars. Sarum rated Minority Report for its glimpse into a driverless future. Even the media loves stories of prototype driverless [...]

Are Apple custom chips produced in-house a game changer for cutting edge imaging technology?

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Cupertino raises the stakes even higher on consumer gizmo's. "The Consumer Electronics Show (C.E.S) in Las Vegas this week is the gathering place for those who thrive on tech." Sure is, but sometimes big stories [...]

Hydraulics, Whisky and Mince Pies: Sarum Hydraulics imagines Father Christmas’s next generation Sleigh.

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Sarum Hydraulics were cheered to see a hydraulic drill bolted on the back of a reindeer sledge for a rather sensible way of taking ice cores in the Arctic. Being December, our thoughts quickly turned [...]

As Morocco blazes ahead in 2030s renewable race, what next for U.K tidal?

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Big news last week was the Moroccan 160MW Solar Thermal plant coming on line in the Sahara desert with potential to produce power for a million homes but what next for UK tidal? With an [...]

Driving your 500HP SUV like a Carrera. Can hydraulics beat the laws of physics?

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It’s 1994 and Richard Branson has just had a rather nasty crash in his Range Rover. Whilst Richard might have been unlucky, all those years ago it seemed obvious to engineers that you should never [...]

How to: Fit your Drum Pump / Barrel Pump

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Drum Pump Youtube Tutorial At Sarum Hydraulics we are extremely proud to offer you our first ever ‪‎Youtube video tutorial “How to Fit a Drum Pump” We’re so excited to share this with you, & [...]

Fun Fairs, Hydraulics and Theme Parks

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Sarum Hydraulics explores the twists and turns of hydraulics in the amusement industry. With so many white-knuckle rides available for the British thrill seeker at theme parks across the country, a rather autumnal Sarum Hydraulics [...]

Gin, bank notes & chalk stream filtration.

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 Why England’s historic chalk streams matter. With super clean fluids being the key to quality hydraulics, Sarum Hydraulics knows the benefits of filtration using our own stainless steel filter units. In Salisbury, where we are [...]

Is water jet propulsion blasting its way into the mainstream?

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At Lymington Yacht Haven, Sarum Hydraulics regularly spots the most beautiful Hinckley 36 foot Picnic Boat, fitted with a pair of simply monstrous 400 horsepower Hamilton water jet drives. What’s the story on this boat? [...]

Looking into the Foldscope, ioLight and handy microscopy for non-boffins.

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What will re-invented microscopy mean for Manufacturing?  As a specialist hydraulics manufacturer, Sarum Hydraulics is surprisingly excited about any advance in mobile microscopy.  From looking at finishes and watching hydraulics at work to characterising contamination, [...]

Stonehenge on steroids: another Neolithic blockbuster discovered near Stonehenge

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Sarum Hydraulics is excited at media interest in our latest Wiltshire Neolithic megaproject, discovered minutes up the road from Sarum Hydraulics’ HQ. image source Archaeologists are still mapping the recently discovered site, but [...]