Our original Micropac pumps were designed around the need to provide manual hydraulic power with low viscosity fluids and also to offer a wide range of seal options with short lead times and low cost. The product addressed the common complaint that pumps are designed only with ball check valves for mineral oil and also special seals for use with demanding fluids become a ‘special’ with the associated extra cost.

Micropac pumps are widely used for Eastman ‘Skydrol’ phosphate ester aerospace fluid. Our MW-3 hand pump is most commonly specified due to the 316 stainless steel construction.

Alternatively, look at our exclusively 316 stainless steel and polymer MU Hand Pump for unmatched corrosion resistance.

For a cost effective, extremely durable cartridge pump, look no further than our MT-6 Model.

Contact us to discuss Micropac pumps for aggressive fluids and highly corrosive environments.