Solutions for Hydrostatic Pressure Testing,  Proof Testing, Burst Testing and Fatigue Testing.

Sarum Hydraulics has specialised in simple pressure testing for 35 years. Our very first product was in response to a customer request for a high pressure test hand pump suitable for water, having good corrosion resistance and fully serviceable with cheap spares. We still make the MW unit today.

We offer high quality and cost effective solutions to carry out these three basic hydraulic tests- hydrostatic proof testing, burst testing and pressure fatigue testing. A variety of fluids can be used for testing, but our products have the core capability of being used on water. Although the pump needs to be designed for water, we have always thought the benefits are high. Water is an environmentally sound solution, it is safe and parts are not contaminated during testing.

A hydrostatic proof test is very common in production. If you are making a pressurised system, you would want to test it to the working pressure then at a higher pressure to make sure nothing fails or leaks. You will be looking for a failure of a seal or some permanent deformation of a part. How much above working pressure would you test? You might test at 1.25 x, 1.5 x double working pressure or check what a customer has asked for. Remember to use a calibrated pressure gauge so you know the pressure was accurate, record the results on a certificate and work safely, with protection in case something does leak or burst. Many of our products are ideal for hydrostatic proof testing. Our Micropac MP series portable hydrostatic pressure test pump is an easy off the shelf unit to do exactly this testing. We can offer this unit in the MP-A range in stainless steel/anodised alloy wetted parts. That has been our basic carry-round test pump for 35 years and it is durable but competitive on price. The same unit is available in stainless steel and bronze as the MP-3 range for added corrosion resistance. Alloy units run to 400 bar and stainless to 700 bar. Buy the pumps alone as MW-A or MW-3 and add a reservoir as required. Our two speed hand pumps offer rapid prefilling then a high pressure stage running up to 1000 bar. There are seven different models of the stainless/anodised alloy PSP unit or the 316 stainless MD-6 unit. Finally, the right hoses and fittings can improve productivity immensely. Talk to us about your particular hydrostatic pressure testing application.

A hydrostatic burst test isn’t something you will do on every production unit. It will be done on a prototype component or system then on a sample from a production batch. On a new moulded part or something moulded from a reformulated polymer, you would burst test and compare to what you expected. On a batch of moulded parts, you will be checking for a consistent process. A Micropac MP pump will again do the job easily, as will the MD-6 or PSP two speed units. Just add in a pressure gauge that will measure the maximum pressure and use an enclosure or screen to protect people as a part bursts. We are seeing a lot of burst testing required as plastic parts have to be moulded in reformulated eco-friendly plastics. For example, an international customer who used blow moulded bottles in virgin PET needed to move to eco friendly rPET and wanted to check on comparative burst pressures. Our kit provided a very cost effective and simple test set. Talk to us about easy hydrostatic burst testing.

Pressure Fatigue testing doesn’t always need high cost kit to get the results you need. You can spend a lot of money on a sophisticated rig, so it is important to know exactly what you are trying to achieve. Fatigue testing in its simplest form involves pressurising a system or vessel to a pressure, holding for a period then venting it back to atmosphere. The process is then repeated, maybe hundreds of thousands of times. The precise requirements for different industries and components are heavily regulated.  For example, the fuel tank on a marine vessel may be a “special” to suit that design but may well need fatigue testing over an extended number of cycles. Our Micropac PTR pressure fatigue test unit provides an inexpensive test rig that will pressurise to a pressure value, hold for a time, vent to zero and then has an automated repeat of the cycle for whatever number you require. It is self contained with a fluid reservoir and the touch screen controller will interface with a pc or tablet. Just connect shop air and mains power. It will repeat a cycle up to 9999 times at up to 290 bar on the standard unit. Versions are available up to 700 bar. There is an advanced programming option. Talk to us about your fatigue pressure testing application.

Read Tony Foster’s application note on Hydrostatic pressure testing, proof testing, burst testing and pressure fatigue testing in more depth. He discusses the legislation and sound working practices behind these essential processes.

Watch our YouTube video which explains very simply the way testing works and how to design a test.

Other resources on our site include how to Hydrostatic Test and a sample procedure, Sample of Risk Assessment for Pressure Testing and How to Create a Hydrostatic Pressure Test Certificate.


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