Aerospace Service Hydraulics Equipment

Micropac manual hydraulics are used in many aerospace service hydraulics applications for pressure testing and filling as well as specialist aviation ground support equipment. However, they are not applicable for flying.


We have considerable expertise on aerospace service hydraulics applications, fluids and specialist requirements. In particular, we have long standing expertise on Eastman ‘Skydrol’ fluid hydraulics. Our equipment is high quality and fully serviceable, offering a long service life.

Hydraulic Hand Pumps

Our Micropac MP Pressure Test Pump with integral reservoir is widely used for pressure testing, charging and filling. The range of portable reservoirs includes two wheel trolley units with hose stowage.

Our Micropac MW series offers a range of pumps suitable for hydraulic systems. For demanding applications for highly corrosive environments or aggressive fluids specify the MW-3 316 Stainless Steel  unit, for a low cost option demand the MW-A Aluminium Alloy unit and for rugged designs use the MW-S carbon steel unit. A full range of fixed and portable reservoirs are compatible with these units from our Micropac MR Reservoirs range.

Our MX In-line Hydraulic Filter is a miniature stainless steel high pressure filter unit. It uses a 3 micron industry standard filter element for protection of small flow hydraulic lines and features an elegant, durable two-piece construction.

How We Can Help

Give us a call on +44(0)1722 328 388 to discuss your requirement with us, or email us your problem for expert advice on ground support equipment and Skydrol hydraulics.