Micropac Pump and Component solutions in 100% 316 and polymer for people who design and build 316 systems.

For 35 years, Sarum Hydraulics has specialised in their Micropac stainless steel hand pumps. These are based on 316 stainless construction with only small amounts of bronze and stainless grades 302/303/304/420/431 for components such as balls, springs and plungers within the internal wetted parts. External materials are 316 stainless, bronze and small amounts of 303 stainless, although an offshore upgrade will provide just 316 and bronze for long term corrosion resistance in the most punishing environments.

There are some users and applications where 100% 316 stainless and polymer construction is a must, normally for very specific reasons. For example, the nuclear industry will not risk galvanic corrosion and possible failure within a complex water hydraulics system. Using water or water based fluids rather than mineral oil as the medium does allow the fluid to act as an electrolyte. There can also be issues with the additives in water glycols breaking down after a period and causing corrosion. These considerations are in respect of the wetted parts inside the pump and hydraulic components. 100% stainless steel and polymer on the external parts will also mitigate the risk of mechanisms seizing up. Whether it is parts inside a hydraulic system that become corroded and inoperative or external parts seized and not capable of being used, both could lead to catastrophic failure.

Read more about 100% 316 stainless and polymer, the risks of galvanic corrosion and the particular engineering challenges in manufacturing purely in these materials.

Our 316 stainless system builder units are aimed at designers and specifiers who are building systems from lots of component parts. We also have other pumps in 100% 316 stainless and polymer for particular applications.

We would be pleased to discuss your materials requirements. Contact us.


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