How a Micropac MP MIST series Pressure test pump is the industry standard for testing Domestic Fire Mist Systems

Residential premises are increasingly being protected by a new generation of domestic fire mist systems. They commonly run at lower pressures than commercial systems which allows the use of flexible tubing rather than rigid pipework for easy installation. Domestic square footage will inevitably be smaller than large commercial premises, so the amount of water required will be smaller. These systems can be integrated with home automation, so we foresee a wide uptake in the future.

Micropac MP MIST pressure test units supplied for testing these domestic or residential fire mist systems are simply running at lower pressure. 80 bar is commonly used for testing. There is still the same need for pressure testing of the system. We sell the one pump unit for this application. Pick a hose if you need one. We can ship on short delivery to site.

Our pump offers a lightweight and compact pressure test unit, suitable for water and providing an indispensible tool for installers. We have manufactured them for 30 years and offer a good value, durable unit that is fully serviceable.

Our Micropac MP MIST series lightweight pressure test set for testing fire sprinkler systems

Our Micropac MP MIST series lightweight pressure test set for testing fire sprinkler systems

Water fire mist systems are widely used in all sorts of buildings in place of old fashioned water sprinkler systems, which can cause massive water damage. They have lots of different names, so whether you are talking Fire Suppression Sprinklers, Fire Mist Systems, High Fog Systems or even Water Misting systems, you are talking about a similar technology.

Rather than a low pressure water main and a network of simple sprinklers that spray high volumes of water into a building, misting systems use much finer high pressure nozzles to generate a “fog” which will kill the fire. A very fine mist uses up to 90% less water and also causes dramatically little damage.

These systems have traditionally run at higher pressures than the new generation of domestic fire mist systems and you would typically find a “traditional” system in commercial premises such as shops and on ships. The ceiling misting nozzles are piped up with stainless steel tube and the flow controlled by solenoid valves. In these commercial systems, the high pressure water is provided by substantial electric pumps or a pump driven off a gas bottle. As the operation of the system is relatively short and hopefully very infrequent, there is good reason to consider stored energy as in gas bottles or accumulators, subject to the cost and safety issues. In a fire, there is the risk of the electricity supply being out so stored energy has more pluses. Look to domestic fire mist systems and the equipment is smaller. For example, the electric pump will probably be packaged up as a “consumer” product.


The domestic market is fast-moving and equipment is evolving. This pump unit has a domestic “feel” and should sell well in home installations.

Micropac pumps have for years been used for proof testing the stainless pipe work, typically running up to 300 bar on water. It is just as effective at the lower pressures on domestic systems. The lightweight alloy MP MIST series is a highly effective tool on site and can be carried to the action.


To discuss Micropac pressure test pumps for your fire mist systems contact us on of call 0044 1722 328388. We can supply pump units and hoses from stock.