Why is my hydraulic system leaking? What can I do about a leak?

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Sarum Hydraulics has designed and manufactures its own high quality hydraulic pumps for over 35 years.  Let’s look at the bigger picture on leaks in hydraulic systems. Sound design, controlled manufacture and proactive maintenance will largely eliminate leaks. Unwanted leaks are bad for the hydraulics industry and terrible for the Environment, so this is our [...]

Hydrostatic Proof Burst Fatigue test explainer

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Hydrostatic Testing- Proof, Burst or Cycling? Hydrostatic testing is the process of pressure testing with a liquid, most commonly water, to verify the integrity of the system. In design, manufacture and throughout the service life of any pressurised product or system, hydrostatic testing plays an important role in differing ways. Here, we discuss the differences [...]

How will Brexit affect ATEX?

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UKEX and ATEX - a tale of two markets We outline below our understanding of how Brexit has affected selling equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres within the UK and the EU. A potentially explosive atmosphere Following Brexit, it became clear that two parallel conformity assessment programmes were going to be necessary [...]

What is Skydrol and what is it used for?

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  Skydrol aerospace hydraulic fluid is fire resistant and retains a low viscosity at the very low temperatures at altitudes of 10,000 metres and higher. Both are big things for aviation and aerospace. It is used in aircraft hydraulic systems in place of hydraulic mineral oils. For example, the braking [...]

Why our Micropac MD two speed hydraulic hand pump is a game changer

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  Just a quick online search for manual two speed hydraulic hand pumps (or “two stage hand pumps)will show up a multitude of different options currently on the market. Many of these workhorses have been around for more than 50 years. There are 700 bar oil hydraulic pumps by the dozen from all the big [...]

How to Create a Hydrostatic Pressure Test Certificate

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What will a Hydrostatic Pressure Test Certificate say? If you look at the simplest form of a hydrostatic pressure test certificate, it will state a medium plus a pressure, then go on to declare that on a certain date that the part (whether it is a hose, pressure vessel or whatever) was taken up to [...]

Our Ten Tips to Make a Hydrostatic Pressure Test Easy

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How to hydrostatic pressure test Tips from 35 years of Hydrostatic Pressure Testing expertise Our Micropac MP series pressure test pump offers a good quality and lightweight unit that will last for years. This is what we have learnt over 35 years of manufacturing our Micropac pumps for pressure testing Professionals. Whether you [...]

Sample of Risk Assessment for Pressure Testing

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How a Risk Assessment for Pressure Testing is an essential first step. We have provided here a typical Risk Assessment for Pressure Testing. Just like every other activity in the workplace, you must assess risk. Because we are using a pressurised system, there are real risks through failure of the test piece, the system itself [...]