Micropac hand pumps have been widely used in the oil and gas industry for many years. A well engineered, serviceable product with good engineering support is vital. There may well be corrosion resistance issues or a demanding temperature range. Fluids may be challenging or simply need researching properly at the specification stage. Where there is something slightly special about an application or even a specification that needs to be discussed, there is no substitute for talking to the designers of a product.

Look at our MW-3 316 Stainless Steel pumps for a high quality unit with a massive range of options including an offshore trim, ATEX/IECEx certification for hazardous areas and low temperature operation. These are also widely used in API pressurised sealing systems.

Our Micropac PPS 100% 316 Stainless Steel Hand pumps are compact and cost effective component units for 316 stainless system builders and specifiers. Pressures are up to 400 bar and displacements up to 11cc/stroke. There are a wide range of threaded connection options plus direct Swagelok ® double ferrule stainless compression fittings.

The Micropac MT-6 stainless steel cartridge pumps offer a very high quality and cost effective solution for manual hydraulics on manifold based hydraulic control systems. These units require no piping and offer very fast installation and swap out times to reduce down time.

Consider our MW-A Alloy and Stainless Steel hand pumps and the MW-S carbon steel hand pumps for cost effective pressure testing and charging/filling units.

Alternatively, our Micropac MP Pumps are portable pressure test or hydrostatic test and filling units. There is a wide range of materials, pressures and auxiliaries to choose from in order to form a compact portable set.

For high external corrosion resistance and an “industry standard” footprint, our MG series uses our proven 316 stainless/1.4404 hand pump on a 316 stainless reservoir. Some of these units will retrofit in place of other manufacturers’ alloy and carbon steel units. An additional reservoir return or equaliser port simplifies installation. This equipment is used on subsea applications such as ESD systems and diving bell doors where alloy or carbon steel are unsuitable for safety and dependability.

Our Micropac MD series two speed hand pump offers pressures up to 1000 bar and 316 stainless construction. Fixed and portable reservoirs are available. This high quality unit has found application for testing on multiple media and also in actuation where the two speed operation will reduce the number of hand strokes to cycle and actuator in manual mode.

Contact us to discuss your Oil & Gas Hydraulics application and receive top-quality hydraulic engineering support.

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