Skydrol hand pumps from Sarum Hydraulics’ Micropac® range were designed around aerospace standards 30 years ago and are totally at home with aerospace fluids like Skydrol Phosphate Ester fluids. We are the experts on Skydrol hand pumps.

Why Skydrol?

Eastman Skydrol is the most widely used fire resistant aerospace hydraulic fluid, but is demanding on elastomers, materials and safe working. We can provide you with a pump that is properly engineered for the job and allows you to just get on with it. Read our white paper “what is skydrol and what is it used for?”

How can Micropac® Skydrol Hand Pumps help you?

We can offer standard equipment fitted with the correct seals and tested on Skydrol on short lead time. No ridiculously long lead times. Keen prices for a UK quality Skydrol hand pump. Our equipment is used for Skydrol throughout the world.

Our Skydrol hand pump units provide durable tools at home in the shop, hangar or on the apron. We can offer easy Skydrol operation on almost all our pumps, with the Drum pump, Filling/Testing set or MW-3 component pump on its own being our most popular unit. The MI dispenser units are dedicated pumps to take the standard cans and were developed in response to customer request. We offer:

  • Skydrol MB series Drum pump or Skydrol Low pressure Dispensing pump can be drum or reservoir mounted, including two wheel trolley units.
  • Skydrol MP series Charging, Filling or Pressure Test pump units can be supplied with fixed and portable reservoirs including two wheel trolley units. As aircraft oiling units, our Skydrol hand pump units include hose stowage, clear durable labelling and optional hoses/fittings to customer requirements. Stainless steel filtration can be integrated using our Micropac stainless steel filter unit.
  • Skydrol hand pump MW-3 series as a component for integration into your own Skydrol rig, aircraft brake filling unit or GSE unit. Note these units are for GSE only and are not approved for flying.
  • Micropac MI series pumps for dispensing direct from the Eastman 1 gallon can or 5 gallon drum. Carry the 1 gallon unit around or wheel the 5 gallon around on its integral two wheel trolley. Both feature neat hose stowage. These units pump fresh fluid direct from the can without decanting into another container. Cleanliness is everything in hydraulic systems. Customers asked us for this unit and we developed it.
  • Micropac MD series 316 stainless two speed pump offering pressures on skydrol up to 700 bar. Five models available and a range of fixed and portable reservoirs offered.
  • Micropac PPS 316 stainless System Builder range offers 100% 316 stainless for designers and specifiers of 316 stainless systems, such as high integrity systems using skydrol. This type of pump would be piped into a complex, high integrity system using Swagelok double ferrule stainless steel fittings or similar. A range of Swagelok tube fittings or male and female threaded connectors is offered.
  • Micropac PSP two speed hand pump is an industry standard pattern two speed pump having actuation using a side handle shaft and is available for skydrol in five models up to 700 bar. It offers wetted parts in anodised marine grade alloy and stainless steel and is suitable for use on skydrol when fitted with peroxide cured epdm seals. This is an easy and cost effective option for us on short lead time. It will retrofit in place of the Hydrapak, HMP or MHX pumps, trade marks acknowledged.

Contact us to discuss how our Micropac Skydrol Hand pumps can meet your aircraft oiling needs. Pumps can be supplied for a range of other fluids such as MIL-H-5606 and Turbine Oil.