Micropac VLA Drive-on boat dock lifter

The Versadock drive-on boat dock is the dock of choice for many Professional users. Its innovative design does not require the small diameter rollers that are a feature of other units and which are always vulnerable because of the high loads and punishing environment.

Watch the Versadock drive-on boat dock in action and see the benefits of drive-on docking for your rib or sport boat.

What we offer.

Sarum Hydraulics manufactures a simple lifter to raise the keel of the vessel during launching and reduce the contact friction. That cuts the thrust required to reverse off the dock and reduces significantly the revving of a cold engine. Engine life suffers with excessive revving when cold.

This device simply replaces one of the Versadock keel floats and is installed in minutes by unscrewing the four plastic bolts, swapping the float for the Micropac VLA lifter then refitting the bolts. The lifter unit is 316 stainless steel for very long service life.

The design is innovative and Registered. There is no mechanism or hydraulic cylinder under the unit, as simplicity and long service life was our objective. The lifter is operated using a Micropac hydraulic cylinder that fits in a neat cradle mounted forward on the Versadock and powered by a rugged Micropac PMP rugged integral hand pump and hose. A very simple hand winch is also offered as an alternative.

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After 35 years, our design expertise on marine and yacht hydraulics plus a massive range of proven standard parts allows us to offer OEM products such as this marine dock lifter. Contact us with your requirement.


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