We have built up considerable expertise in using our Micropac hydraulic hand pumps for standby pumps and for manual overrides. We can control single and double acting hydraulic actuators. A hand pump can often provide a simple and durable source of power for small hydraulic actuators. Pumps are also used for charging up accumulators if power fails.

A key consideration is durability and corrosion resistance so that the unit will work well when it is eventually needed, even after long periods of inactivity.

Our Micropac MW Series pumps are most commonly specified. The MW-A, MW-S and MW-3 units are the three options available.

These can be mounted on our Micropac MR Hydraulic Reservoirs in fixed or portable configurations. Alternatively, the MP Pressure Test Pumps with integral reservoir offer a more straightforward ordering option for you as the units are combined.

The Micropac MT Cartridge Hand Pumps are commonly used in standby applications due to their low cost and simple highly-durable design.

Contact us to discuss Micropac hand pumps in hydraulic actuation and standby applications.