Hydraulic manifold hand pumps offer very fast fitting into a standard CETOP3 valve stack. They are very compact, good value and a range of displacements plus materials are offered to suit a wide range of applications. There are three displacement options; 5.6cc, 8cc and 12cc.

Why buy a Micropac MQ CETOP Manifold Pumps?

  • Add quality manual hydraulics to your hydraulic manifold assembly at low cost
  • Remove or swap out hand pump in seconds
  • Compact space envelope to aid the tightest installations
  • CETOP 3 manifold industry standard interface for ease of design
  • Detachable handle on 360 degree swivel suits the operator
  • “Two minute fitting”
  • No pipe work, brackets or drilling of the reservoir lid


The Micropac MQ CETOP manifold pump fits the CETOP 3 manifold standard. Fit a hand pump to provide pressures up to 250 bar and flow up to 12cc in a manifold system. There are three models; a 5.6cc 250 bar unit, an 8cc 175 bar unit and a 12cc 125 bar unit.

The CETOP 3 pump is detachable from its manifold and can be reversed 180 degrees for design flexibility. The pump head can be removed allowing for quick access and maintenance. Using a CETOP 3 manifold pump in your hydraulic system increases cost efficiency by reducing downtime when maintaining pumps.

This unit complements our Micropac MT Cartridge Hand Pump which mounts to a C10-2 7/8” UNF cavity in a manifold block.

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Technical Specifications

Pressure: 1 – 250 bar
Stroke volume: 5.6cc, 8cc, 12cc
Manifold: CETOP 3, C10-2
Materials: Carbon steel and alloy, 303 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel
Seal options: Nitrile and PTFE, other options special order
Fluid options: Mineral oil, contact us for more options


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