Hydraulic cartridge hand pumps offer very quick screw-in fitting into a standard SAE10 C10-2 manifold cartridge valve cavity. They are very compact, good value and a range of displacements plus materials are offered to suit a wide range of applications.

Why buy a Micropac MT Cartridge Hand Pump?

  • Industry standard manifold mounting for easy design and common tooling
  • Cost effective hydraulic solution for manual power on OEM installation
  • Wide range of applications
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel options for demanding environments
  • “Two minute fitting”
  • Swivel handle pivot for neat parking and easy pumping


The Micropac MT pumps offer a rugged and cost effective industry standard C10-2 cartridge hand pumps suitable for manifold mounting. A range of displacements and materials are offered to suit a wide range of applications. Displacements range from 4.3cc per stroke up to 12cc per stroke and pressures between 1 – 400 bar.

All units fit in the C10-2 7/8 UNF cavity with the tank connection on the nose. The handle is detachable and is mounted on a 360 degree swivel. All pumps include inlet and outlet check valves and a strainer. A cost effective carbon steel model is standard, but alloy and 303 or 316 stainless steel versions are also available for increased corrosion resistance in more demanding environments.

These pumps are widely used by the Renewables industry, where they offer a highly cost effective solution to corrosion resistance on windfarms. Models can be specified that address corrosion issues such as the need for a 316 stainless piston rod on the same pump that uses a hard anodised handle mechanism. Contact us to discuss windfarm hydraulic hand pumps.

Please contact us for other versions which include a high pressure special capable of 0.6cc and 400 bar, models suitable for low viscosity fluids rather than the standard mineral oil and a knob-actuated hydraulic cartridge hand pump.

Mounting manifold blocks are also available as an alternative to using your own manifold. Manifold based hydraulic systems offer great benefits in respect of space envelope, production time, and reliability. Some industries still pipe up discrete hydraulic components to meet their exacting requirements for high-integrity systems. Our 100% 316 stainless and polymer PPS pump and associated products were developed to meet these needs. Contact us to discuss 100% 316 stainless hydraulics.

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Technical Specifications

Pressure: 1 – 400 bar
Stroke volume: 4.3cc – 12cc (0.6cc special)
Manifold: C10-2
Materials: Carbon steel and alloy, 303 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel
Seal options: Nitrile, ‘Viton’, EPDM
Fluid options: Mineral oil, ‘skydrol’, contact us for more options


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