How will Brexit affect ATEX?

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UKEX and ATEX - a tale of two markets We outline below our understanding of how Brexit has affected selling equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres within the UK and the EU. A potentially explosive atmosphere Following Brexit, it became clear that two parallel conformity assessment programmes were going to be necessary [...]

What is Skydrol and what is it used for?

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  Skydrol aerospace hydraulic fluid is fire resistant and retains a low viscosity at the very low temperatures at altitudes of 10,000 metres and higher. Both are big things for aviation and aerospace. It is used in aircraft hydraulic systems in place of hydraulic mineral oils. For example, the braking [...]

Tips for Fitting a Hydraulic Seal to Hydraulic Pumps

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This is what we have learnt about fitting hydraulic seals into our pumps. They will be relevant to most other hydraulic equipment. We will add to it and are always happy to receive feedback. Contents: Three tips for easy hydraulic sealing before you start. Things to beware when you’re stripping hydraulics down! Our five big [...]

What is the right Elastomer for your hydraulic sealing and is it important?

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How picking the right elastomeric hydraulic seal material is more than just chemistry and a catalogue. Use a seal material catalogue Useful elastomer materials What to watch out for Formulations change over time Specialist compounds Shelf life Machined seals Talk to an applications engineer After 30 years, Sarum Hydraulics knows quite a lot about seals [...]

How to: Burst test safely, cleanly and with complete control.

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Proof testing versus burst testing: what is the difference? It is important to decide what your objective is, as pressure or proof testing is not the same as burst testing. Pressure testing  Pressure testing, proof testing or proof pressure testing: What should appear on my proof testing certificate? In truth, these could be considered different [...]

How do I select a two speed hydraulic hand pump?

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SARUM HYDRAULICS LIMITED Application notes. Two speed hand pump. How do I select a two speed hydraulic hand pump? When do you need a two speed hydraulic hand pump? What are the basics and how do I not to get caught out with the wrong kit? Basics. Hydraulic hand pumps: The Basics A hydraulic hand [...]