We offer a range of versatile stainless steel integrated 2 wheel reservoir carrying trolleys for our own series of Micropac hand pumps with reservoirs. These meet customer needs for safe handling in the work place, ensuring that equipment can be easily moved close to the job. We also offer our well proven 316 stainless 4 wheel stainless steel turntable trolleys for materials handling in tough environments.

Micropac MR stainless steel 2 wheel trolley reservoirs for all our portable pumps
If your need is a portable stainless steel hand pump and reservoir but you are concerned about ergonomics and manual handling issues, our integrated Micropac MR two wheel trolley reservoir provides the perfect solution. It is a compact and inexpensive enhancement to our portable pumps. Manual handling issues are addressed by the operator simply wheeling the equipment to the job rather than lifting and carrying the pump, reservoir and fluid. After use, wheel it back to the storage location that suits your operation. The trolley is self braking and inherently safe. Wheel the trolley around the shop, site, hanger or wherever your facility may be. With built in hose storage, the unit can be speedily hooked up and is then ready for use. We offer our 2 wheel reservoir trolley as a carrying solution across a number of products, including our single speed and two speed hand pumps.

Micropac DUO pump adds an air driven pump to our testing, filling and dispensing units. Our ‘DUO’ air driven/ hand pump units form a very compact air driven portable pump unit for shop or site. These units are can be configured to precisely what you need for your portable task.

Micropac MI 2 wheel pump/trolley dispenses skydrol direct from the Eastman 5 gallon drum. Our MI series ‘Skydrol’ dispensing units offer a 2 wheel portable trolley option to take a 5 gallon drum direct to the job and then back to safe storage. They are solving real customer problems in handling this specialist fluid.

Micropac MY stainless steel 4 wheel turntable trolley
Our Micropac MY heavy duty stainless steel turntable trolley is rugged and ideally suited to working in punishing environments. Originally developed for mounting our Micropac 50 and 100 litre hand pump reservoirs, the flat load bed can also be used for your own equipment installations or handling applications. With a maximum load capacity of 500kg, it is still highly manoeuvrable. With the handle in the ‘up’ position the front wheels are braked. Options include a retaining lip around the load platform for load retention, a choice of load platform sizes and 316 or 304 grade stainless steel construction.

Contact us to discuss your specialised trolley requirements and how we might be able to help you find the right solution for load carrying.