A compact Air-driven High Pressure Portable Hydrostatic Test pump with integral hand pump for testing, filling and charging. Add an integrated hand pump to your Air-driven High Pressure Portable Hydrostatic Test pump for precision and security.

Micropac Duo pressure testing and hydrotest pumps use an air driven pump unit on our compact MR series two wheel reservoir/trolley of 10, 20 or 50 litres with hose stowage. They meet a need for a very compact, rugged and mobile Air-driven High Pressure Portable Hydrostatic Test pump for site or shop use. Our unit offers security and precision through the built-in hand pump for those times when you have no air or simply need the control offered by manual operation. Whether you are pressure testing, filling or charging, use the hand pump or air driven pump to suit your application and conditions.

Why buy a Micropac Duo trolley hand pump/ air-driven pump unit?

  • Inherently safe operation. No trailing electric leads and non-sparking.
  • Stainless steel trolley and rugged components form a wheel-around for long-term service in the shop or on larger sites.
  • Modular construction and ordering allows you to specify exactly what you need.
  • Fast and easy pre-filling or testing then precise manual pump action when you need it.
  • Small space envelope as the compact manual pump provides release valve and gauge connection. Eliminate bulky external pipework and valves.
  • Air driven pump with integral air controls for deskilled and rapid filling or pressurisation.
  • Built in compact Micropac hand pump for precise pressure control and operation without an air supply.
  • Used worldwide for 30 years.
  • Wide range of pump capacities to suit your exact requirement over 1 – 700 bar range.
  • Universal fluid compatibility offered – oil, water, glycols, ‘skydrol’ and more.
  • Good value and excellent Engineering support direct from the manufacturer.
  • Easy maintenance and spares supply over an extended life.



The Micropac Duo offers an air driven pump complete with air controls on a two-wheel stainless reservoir/trolley with neat hose stowage. Various air driven pump ratios are offered up to 700 bar maximum pressure or 5 litres per minute at free flow, depending upon the ratio selected. The built in Micropac hand pump provides the hold/release valve for venting pressure plus the gauge and outlet connections, eliminating the normal bulky valves and pipework. The manual pump also provides invaluable precision pumping to test pressure and also security if there is no air supply. We believe our Micropac Duo takes a portable air driven unit and adds some big improvements for the user.

Typical applications include:

  • API top up units for pressurised sealing systems. One Micropac Duo unit can service a large number of pots in a large plant, with the trolley wheeled round, the hose snapped on to the quick disconnect, pressurised on the air pump and adjusted on the hand pump. We offer wide fluid compatibility and good corrosion resistance.
  • Multiple actuators. Rather than including a manual hand pump on every actuator, customers have used one Duo unit on a large site and wheeled it around, operating multiple actuators in sequence.
  • Fire sprinkler and misting systems. For filling and pressure testing of commercial sprinkler and misting systems, the air driven pump will rapidly fill and the compact hand pump can be used for proof or pressure testing on water.
  • Aviation and aerospace. Whether it is in a production plant or in the hangar doing service work, the Micropac Duo can be wheeled to where it is needed and used for dispensing, charging or pressure testing of components, pipework or entire systems. The unit will operate on a wide range of fluids including aerospace media such as “skydrol.”
  • An everyday workhorse in the shop or plant that can be stored securely, wheeled out for use. The hoses can be left fitted to provide instant pressure testing, dispensing, filling and charging.

The air driven pump uses stainless steel wetted parts and alloy/stainless air drive section. The air pump includes air controls comprising an air shut off valve, an air filter/regulator and an air pressure gauge. These are not stainless steel.

Whether you are Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, filling or charging, the Micropac Duo is the tool of choice for Professionals.

The data sheet shows our standard configuration.

Contact us to discuss Micropac Duo Combined Air-driven/Hand pump units and their many applications.

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Technical Specifications

Pressure:10bar – 700bar
Stroke volume:Up to 100cc per stroke manual, 5 Litres/minute on air
Materials:316 Stainless Steel/bronze or Anodised Alloy/Stainless Steel
Reservoir Sizes:Standard: 20 and 50 litre Trolley
Seal Materials:Nitrile, PTFE, UHMWP. Optional fluorocarbon or EPDM
Fluid options:Oil, water, glycol, ‘skydrol’ phosphate ester and many more


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