Micropac PTR programmable pressure test rig, a versatile and cost-effective fatigue test unit running on multiple fluids and working between 1 bar and 280 bar.

An off the shelf catalogue programmable pressure test rig running from 1 bar to 280 bar on multiple fluids. Provides a high degree of user control of testing cycles in this standard unit without the high cost of bespoke programable hydrostatic pressure test rigs. Very cost effective. Intuitive and easy to use screen driven software. Buy a catalogue product, use it out of the box once you have set your test cycle. The unit offers a basic cycle with timings, maximum pressure, dwell and number of cycles up to 9999. There is also an advanced program for cycles of varying length and parameters. More sophisticated programming is also offered.

The unit will operate up to 280 bar and down to 1 bar. Pressure is measured using a pressure transducer and the system pressure indicated on the control unit. The unit is programmed using clear and intuitive scrolling screens. The control unit offers data output for data logging.

The unit is designed for multiple fluids including water and oil. A 10 litre 316 stainless reservoir is standard and can be increased to a 20 litre capacity. The wetted parts are stainless steel for very low corrosion. An optional certified relief valve can be fitted to limit the maximum system pressure if increased security is required on a system.

Why buy a Micropac PTR programmable pressure hydrotest and fatigue test rig?

  • Micropac proven parts as used worldwide for 30 years.
  • Three pump models for optimum application.
  • Four transducer ranges to suit your application.
  • Multiple fluid compatibility by design – oil, water, glycols and more.
  • Dependable, controllable and safe operation. Optional certified pressure relief valve.
  • Forms a cost effective catalogue test rig as an alternative to bespoke pressure test rigs.
  • Mounted on a sturdy skid frame.
  • Just connect mains 230V/110V and shop air.
  • Intuitive screen driven software allows easy programming of your test cycle up to 9999 repeats.


The Micropac PTR unit offers a catalogue programmable pressure and fatigue test unit for basic pressure testing up to 9999 cycles over the range 1 bar to 280 bar. The unit is highly cost effective compared with a bespoke pressure test rig.

The unit is computer controlled using an integral plc and programming is by means of screens, so setting your test cycle is simple and intuitive.

The pressure is generated using an air driven pump operated by the plc and venting of pressure back to tank also uses a rugged air operated valve. Our basic catalogue unit will not ramp up and drop down the system pressure at programmed rates as it does not feature modulating valves.

An integral pressure transducer provides system pressure input to the plc and is displayed on the screen.

Contact us if you need any help in selecting a unit for your application.

  • Programmable-Pressure-Testing-1-sarum-hydraulics
  • Programmable-Pressure-Testing-2-sarum-hydraulics
  • Programmable-Pressure-Testing-3-sarum-hydraulics

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Technical Specifications

Pressure: 1 – 280 bar over three models
Transducer ranges: 0 -10 bar, 0 – 25 bar, 0 -100 bar, 0 – 280 bar
Materials: Stainless steel wetted parts, anodised alloy
Seal options: Nitrile, fluorocarbon ‘Viton’, PTFE
Fluid options: Mineral oil, water, glycols
Options available: 20L/5.2USG reservoir, security relief valve