Micropac hand pumps have been widely used in renewables for many years. A well engineered, serviceable product with good engineering support is vital.

One application has been in everyday servicing equipment. Here our Micropac MP Pumps are portable pressure test or hydrostatic test and filling units. There is a wide range of materials, pressures and auxiliaries to choose from in order to form a compact portable set, a filler or charging unit. The lightweight MP-A series alloy units a particularly suitable for working at heights. Talk to us about sure-grip handles for easy carrying up ladders and off supply vessels.

Where there are large numbers of systems in difficult environments such as offshore wind farms, our MT series cartridge hand pump have proven very successful for customers around the world. The Micropac MT-A, MT-3 or MT-6 cartridge pumps offer a very high quality and cost effective solution for manual hydraulics on manifold based hydraulic control systems. These units require no piping and offer very fast installation and swap out times to reduce down time. The units are fully serviceable despite being very cost effective. Where we have been immensely helpful to customers is in providing pumps that provide a cost effective solution to address particular problems that they have experienced in the location or with equipment from other manufacturers. Multiple customers have had problems with very early failure through the piston rod seizing up on equipment from other suppliers. We have provided a pump with a 316 stainless steel piston rod but a hard anodised alloy handle mechanism. We are able to use our expertise and range of standard parts to provide an exact solution at the right price. Talk to us about your renewable application for our hydraulics.

Our Micropac PPS 100% 316 Stainless Steel Hand pumps are compact and cost effective component units for 316 stainless system builders and specifiers. Pressures are up to 400 bar and displacements up to 11cc/stroke. There are a wide range of threaded connection options plus direct Swagelok ® double ferrule stainless compression fittings. These pumps are an easy choice for designers and specifiers who are building high integrity 100% 316 stainless systems.

Contact us to discuss your Renewable application and receive top-quality hydraulic engineering support.

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