Micropac MV series 700 bar Hydraulic Jack is a rugged and compact 10 ton hydraulic jack with integral two speed hand pump and built-in reservoir. It provides an instant replacement for one of the most popular industry standard 10 ton 700 bar cylinders. Unscrew the cylinder and replace with the MV unit. Forget the separate hose and remote hand pump unit. We have integrated an industry standard cylinder, two speed hand pump and sealed oil reservoir into one compact unit. It provides a cost effective option when compared with buying three different catalogue parts.

Why design your jacking and work-holding around 700 bar?

700 bar jacking and work-holding is effectively an International Standard. There is an unrivalled range of pumps, cylinders, hoses, valves and ancillary parts from different manufacturers including Enerpac, Power Team, the UK’s Hi-Force and others. 700 bar operation allows high tonnages and low mass. It is demanding on Engineering, but if equipment needs to be portable and easy to install by hand, the mass compared with, say, 200 bar hydraulics is significant. The ability to run on these high pressures opens up interesting solutions to engineering challenges. If you need 100 tonne hydraulic cylinders for a civil engineering job, 700 bar gives you a practical solution. If you need high tonnage but small and lightweight hydraulic tools, 700 bar also provides neat solutions. If you are swaging, spreading, cropping, forming or other high tonnage processes, 700 bar can provide the power from a relatively small cylinder. That is a smaller space envelope in the shop, plant that is easier to move and provides gear that you can take out on site easily. Cylinders are invariably standard catalogue 700 bar models based around the pioneering US standard products with rod thread, cylinder body external thread, dimensions and hydraulic connection seen again and again in different ranges. 

The massive range of cylinders, hoses, valves and pumps is the best and worst thing about 700 bar hydraulics. Design your fixture or tool and you will invariably be basing it around a standard cylinder then selecting a pump from a massive range and finally a hose. Again and again, Sarum Hydraulics were asked for an alternative to the pump/cylinder/hose combination. We developed an industry standard cylinder with a very neat two speed pump and integrated reservoir. The Micropac MV series integrated portable hydraulic jack offers a very neat solution to lots of jacking, clamping and work-holding jobs.

Why buy a Micropac MV Portable Hydraulic Jack?

  • Offers jacking, clamping and holding hydraulic solutions in place of standard cylinder
  • Eliminates need for separate pump and hose with cost and space envelope savings
  • Fast operation. Two speed pump offers rapid low pressure operation.
  • Compact design – only 290mm long
  • Operates in any orientation for universal mounting
  • 360 degree handle swivel for easy operation in confined spaces
  • Small and cost effective enough to use multiple units rather than swapping a pump and hose between cylinders.


Our Micropac MV series 700 bar Hydraulic Jack Cylinder features an industry standard piston rod and cylinder body interface integrated with an ultra compact but rugged Micropac two speed hand pump. The pump provides rapid extension of the cylinder at low pressure then switches to a high pressure once you start to do high pressure work. The unit provides an innovative solution to many jacking and load holding problems where compact hand hydraulic power is required.

This unit offers a hand operated power unit for a wide range of tools, clamping systems and fixtures using a 700 bar, 10 ton cylinder. Make this integral 10 ton unit the power in your OEM tool for clamping, swaging, flaring, folding, aligning, splitting and countless other portable requirements.

There are no hoses and no separate pump. There is an integral relief valve set at 10 tons, although this can be set lower.

Contact us for any special applications or requirements.

  • 700 bar hydraulic pump cylinder
  • 10 tonne hydraulic jack
  • 700 bar integral hydraulic pump
  • hydraulic punch with dual speed pump

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Technical Specifications

Pressure:700 bar
Cylinder Capacity:10 tons (101kN)
Plunger int. thread:Industry Standard 1” – 8 UN
Collar thread:Industry Standard 2 ¼” -14 UN
Length & Mass:290mm, 4.5kg
Materials:Carbon steel, hard chromed piston rod


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