Why use a hydraulic hand pump?

Manual power is simple, instant and inexpensive. Use manual hydraulics for a simple job like pumping up a small hydraulic cylinder, pressure testing a system or dispensing fluid. It might not be worth investing in an electric or air driven pump. Maybe there are no electric or air services on site, or your manual hydraulic pump is providing that invaluable emergency or standby power.

We manufacture a large range of pumps for different applications and duties. Talk to us about your application.

What hydraulic hand pumps are in our Micropac range?

Sarum Hydraulics are the hand pump specialists and have been manufacturing their Micropac MW series hydraulic hand pumps for over 30 years. These rugged hand pumps are cost effective and offer a long service life with pressures up to 700 bar. Four-way directional control valves are offered for double acting operation.

The  Micropac MW-A Alloy and Stainless Steel unit with a carbon steel handle mechanism offers a well engineered hydraulic hand pump, with good corrosion characteristics and wide fluid compatibility. Four models from 12cc/407 bar through to 100cc per double stroke/50 bar.

Our Micropac MW-S is a rugged manual hydraulic pump made from plated carbon steel. Contact us to talk about enhanced corrosion resistance and cost effective hand pump solutions.

Look at our Micropac MW-3 316 Stainless Steel hydraulic hand pumps for the high external corrosion resistance and protection for wetted parts even with challenging fluids. Five models from 7cc/700 bar through to 100cc per double stroke/50 bar.

Additionally, the Micropac MR Hydraulic Reservoirs are compatible with all of these manual hydraulic hand pumps and are available in anodised alloy or 316 stainless steel.

Buy the MW series pump on a reservoir as an integral test or pumping set as our MP series. One part number describes a unit that is ready to use out of the box.

Our MD series two speed hand pump offers a rugged, multi fluid hand pump in various versions up to 1000 bar.

For an exclusively 316 stainless steel and polymer manual hydraulic pump with unmatched corrosion resistance, look at our Micropac MU Hand Pump.

Our MT Cartridge Hand Pumps and MQCETOP Manifold Pumps are both low cost hydraulic solutions compatible with industry standard manifolds for easy fitting and integration into your existing hydraulic system.

MG series pumps offer enhanced corrosion resistance for punishing work environments.

Contact us to discuss our Micropac hydraulic hand pumps or any special needs including OEM hydraulic requirements.

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